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Post  Loki on Sun Nov 07, 2010 5:38 pm


Tournaments. Every battle system has some time of tournament where you can show off your stuff, right? Well, the Battle Arena has it to. Here you can sign up and compete for titles and prizes.

.:How It Works:.

Tournaments will be set up very simply. You have a week to sign up with your characters, I will set up the matches. Then you have a certain amount of time to set up a battle and and fight. If you do not complete you match, within the time limit, you will be put into a rapid match where you'll be given another time limit to complete you match or else I will decide the victor, if there even is one.

These rounds will continue until we have a winner. Simple, right?


Well, because every tournament has prizes, you greedy little roleplayers are gonna get prizes. T_T I'm not entirely sure what the prizes might be. Of course your username and character will be featured in some soft of "Hall of Fame" but I will probably also offer Roleplay characters.

Wait, what?

Yeah, Roleplaying characters. Loki is always drawing up random pictures because, well, consistency is a demon. Sometimes he just doesn't have enough brain matter to come up with stories for them all. So, he will offer rights to specific drawings (all will be digital and look nice) for you to use for characters. Sometimes the prize will be open commissions if you want him to draw a pre-existing character. So... just yeah. o.o

Uhm... might add more to this later. xD I think I covered everything.

~Loki, Y Teigr Gwyn Admin

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