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Post  Raeda on Sat Nov 06, 2010 6:19 pm

Now I'm sure many us are veteran role-players or have at least dabbled in it, and come to love it. However, we must all allow the fact that there are people who have never role-played before. And I'm pretty sure I can guess what you're thinking. "Omg, role-playing? Is that like...inappropriate?"

No, it's not. That stuff isn't allowed here, fortunately. Role-playing, the one we're speaking of, is much more difficult and intricate. Depending on your level and style the writing and literacy can differ greatly. Advanced role-players, such as myself, can write multiple paragraphs. Beginners might start with only one line a post and minimal spelling.

But how to improve? Practice, my friends, is what made me a better role-player after a month of single sentences and no syntax, grammar, spelling or structure.


Simply read, write and post and soon (and hopefully) you'll rise up in the ranks towards the advanced role-playing section.

Now, to get onto the entire subject of this post.

What is role-playing?

to assume the attitudes, actions, and discourse of (another), esp. in a make-believe situation in an effort to understand a differing point of view or social interaction: Management trainees were given a chance to role-play labor negotiators.
to experiment with or experience (a situation or viewpoint) by playing a role: trainees role-playing management positions.

Does this make much sense to you? No? This is from a dictionary, so please, spare me.

As the words above describe in a rather difficult way, role-playing means to create a character in which to act out in the form of words. This means, while you do not have to write in first person, you 'are' the character in a sense.

You control their personality, actions, speech and so much more. It's your choice on what you do with this character of yours. And there are no limitations to what your character is except for one rule.

No Mary Sues or Gary Stues.

Who or what are these? A Mary Sue or Gary Stu is a character without any flaws or bad traits whatsoever. They can go for miles without getting tired, never die, never get injured, they always act perfectly and never lose control of their emotions. See how annoying this can be?

So if you ever create a character that is a Mary Sue or Gary Stu, or close, kill them off immediately before you are attacked by hordes of avid role-players wielding pitchsporks and torches.

Trust me.


Leopardwind had shut her eyes against the bloody duel when it had started, cowering back against a large clump of bracken, a shivering wreck. The yowls and screams of a deadly battle echoed in her ears still, long after it had ended. Re-opening her swirling amber eyes she hardened her heart against the gorey scene.

Mangy excuse for a leader, she thought acidly of Rainstar, seeing the she-cat cower and flinch at Blackwolf. Always shivering, moaning about the Clan. She can't even fight her own battles. Sneering Leopardwind dug her claws deeply into the loam and concentrated her mind on other things, more important things.

Will that Clan really let Rainstar stay leader after this display? Littlepaw...no, Littlefire, dead, because of her. And to have an apprentice leap to her rescue as if she were a weak and timid kit without any strength of her own.

At these thoughts Leopardwind growled bitterly and lashed her tail, knowing that most cats would think she was simply being angry at Blackwolf. But the power-hungry tom did not bother her the least. Even though she was loyal enough as her heart and mind would allow, the warrior knew she had no use for the intrigues and trials of camp heirarchy. Simply small bumps in the path of her life.

And then it happened. Painfulpaw, his eyes tearful, crystal droplets trickling down his muzzle, latched his jaws around Blackwolf's throat. Dipping her head Leopardwind watched in horror as the apprentice bit down, a snap echoing across the clearing and blood flowing from the power-hungry warrior's body. Her eyes glazed over with confusion.

Painfulpaw, why? she thought desperately, hanging onto to some shred of hope that this wasn't true. That Painfulpaw, though not the easiest apprentice, had not really just killed his only family left.

But suddenly, Leopardwind's mind snapped into focus and she narrowed her eyes. He did what had to be done, she thought bitterly. And Rainstar...she stills stands there in shock while an apprentice kills her opponent. Snarling she blinked once and the fur along her back prickled with rage.

Slinking forwards her fear fell away as her natural prowess began shining through, amber eyes cold stones staring out with bleak determination. "A cowardly thing to do," she meowed harshly at the prone Blackwolf, settling down next to him. Curling her lip she flicked her tail and wrapped it around her paws.

"You attempted to take over IceClan. Do you feel proud?" Leopardwind didn't bother to care what the other cats were thinking, that Blackwolf was dead and he didn't matter any more. Painfulpaw had been special to her in a way, and Blackwolf's ambition had corrupted him. Caused him to hurt his own family. Leopardwind could not forgive him for this. "Do you feel happy now that you've caused so much strife in IceClan? Pain and hurt? What kind of devilish cat are you?" The last sentence she yowled in his face, leaning over him with ivory fangs glistening.

This is an example for a Warrior Cats role-play, a certain obsession of mine. Intimidated? You should be. But don't expect every post to be like this, because that's just getting full of yourself. Yes, they all could be, if you wanted to fill every post with a bunch of crap.

So...just don't. Don't do it. Everyone will hate you. That's right, everyone.

More to come from me. I might just move this to an actual tutorial forum, but until then, goodbye.

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