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Northwood Academy for the Magically Inclined Empty Northwood Academy for the Magically Inclined

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Northwood Academy for the Magically Inclined
In the mountainous region Sgurr a’ Mhàim in Scotland hides an age-old school specialized in teaching teenagers who have odd abilities. Pantomiming as an invite-only academy the teachers travel the world ferreting out ‘special’ children that they can school. The sister school of Witchwood, who works with children, they are deemed a picky, top-notch institute who offers amazing education for free. It is every parent’s dream to have their child offered a place there.
Of course, in keeping their true nature a secret, once a child accepts and goes to Northwood, they are not allowed to leave until they graduate, and even then they must sign a form stating that they will never tell a mundane (average human) of the school or their powers.
The Rules
- The ages are from fifteen to eighteen, fifteen considered first year and eighteen considered fourth year.
- I don’t mind killing, but let’s keep it at a minimum, and please, ask first before going out on a death rampage. This completely ties in with the powerplaying rule.
- The powers are limitless, but I ask that there isn’t a horde of vampires rampaging through the school being chased by angry werewolves. We can’t all be sparkly or wulven, or both even.
- Please, I encourage fighting (but between characters only) in this role-play. As long as it’s not gory I don’t care whether we beat each other to a pulp. Of course, no random raging. We don’t want your character hated by all, unless they really deserve it.
- Magic (if you are a mage, sorcerer etc.) is only allowed in the courtyard and classes. It is frowned upon heavily to use it offensively. Same goes for shape-shifting.
- No godmodding or powerplaying.
- No Mary Sues or Gary Stus either.
- If I see any evidence of this you are being kicked out.
- Literacy is a must. The joining board will be posted below with the same set of details. There you will post your bio and all that stuff.
- There will be a list of available species. It’s not limited to that, and if you’d like to have another species integrated into the role-play just PM me. I’ll answer back as soon as I can if it’s alright. But remember that I’d like some romance, so no completely animalistic species. And no anthro either. Sorry.
Wizards have a small amount of power in controlling nature, such as forming clay using their minds and the like, but tend to specialise more in healing wounds. They use direct contact and summon on their magical energy to heal.
Warlocks and witches use potions and incantations in their magic. Specializing more in luck charms, love potions and minor healings, they cannot simply call upon their power but must use either a spell or a magical potion.
Sorcerers and sorceresses are the darker side of wizards, warlocks and witches and have a tendency to become necromancers. Their magic often involves the shadows, and they can call upon their ability like a wizard.
Elementals do not have ‘magic’ in a sense, but are actually only half-human. The children of one elemental parent and one human parent, they have the power to call upon one element as their own, when they require it. However, they are much weaker than an average elemental and do not have a second, spiritual form.
Enchanters and enchantresses are considered magicless, but instead have a very high charisma and are generally smooth talkers. They possess a small amount of raw magic that allows them to make themselves seem more desirable to others. They are born unnaturally beautiful, but have a tendency to be vain and shallow.
Seers are very rare and do not often appear. Born with the power of seeing the future, this can often make them slightly mad. However, one thing a seer is not allowed to speak of, on the pain of death from an age-old curse, is the time and circumstance of another’s death.
In a sense, they are wizards. They have the ability to call upon powerful minions at will, but the size and abilities of the minion will depend on the strength of the summoner.
Though self-explanatory, shape-shifters are human whose ancestors have been cursed, usually by a wizard or powerful witch. Though the ability is rare and not always seen in the blood-line, they will appear more often than not. They possess only one form and it runs in the family, meaning two siblings will not have different animal forms if they are both shape-shifters.
Slightly different than shape-shifters, werewolves have no choice in when they shift, which is typically triggered by powerful negative emotions or during the full moon, and have and usually have a violent personality.
The polar opposites of werewolves, vampires are generally known to feast upon human blood and to have an aversion to the sun. Though their natural prey is human blood, the vampires at Northwood are taught to sustain themselves upon animal blood. If they are out in the sun for too long they will begin to burn as if they were on fire.
The hybrid children of a human and a fairy, fae are usually shorter than average with sharp, delicately cast features. When their powers are awakened, which on its own without the help of anther fae is rare, they will sprout large wings, either insect-like or bird-like.

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