Rules - Beginners must read

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Rules - Beginners must read Empty Rules - Beginners must read

Post  Raeda on Mon Nov 08, 2010 5:25 pm

Just as a heads up guys, I can and most likely will add to this. I may or may not add an announcement about this depending on the severity of the rule.

  • We accept role-players of all ages here, and therefore all content must be PG-13 or below.

  • Any users who create explicit posts/role-plays or gory posts/role-plays will be will receive a warning. If the content is not edited within three days the post/role-play will be deleted.

  • Any rude remarks on religion, sexuality or nationalities will result in the user being banned immediately.

  • Any threads outside of the proper forum will be moved. A message to the user along with a small warning will be sent.

  • Depending on your role-playing skill, please post in the appropriate forum. If we see a beginner level role-play in the advanced category, we will move it and send the user a warning.

  • Any spam will be deleted immediately, and the user will receive a warning depending on the degree of spam he/she has posted.

  • Any sexual intercourse, or suggestion of it, will be deleted immediately and a ban or a warning to the user, depending on the degree of...yeah.

  • While we heavily discourage any mention of intercourse, we allow kissing, cuddling and petting here. Petting, by rule of thumb, is not going to be what you think it is here. It means Sims-like cheek caresses etc.

  • IMPORTANT RULE : As we try not to be restricting here, swearing is allowed. A post below will list the allowed swear words, but one important rule must be kept in mind. For a role-play, the letters SWA must be put into the title somewhere. Any role-plays violating this will result in the creator being warned.

Abide by these rules and I'm sure you'll have a great time here at Y Teigr Gwyn Forums.

~Raeda; ruler and admin of Y Teigr Gwyn

Because we all know she's much more strict than Detderp. ;c And blunt. There is no need for the last rule, I have locked and disabled member, moderator, and guest posting.
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