Portals and strange creatures (A Sanctuary Rescreatu Crossover RP)

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Portals and strange creatures (A Sanctuary Rescreatu Crossover RP) Empty Portals and strange creatures (A Sanctuary Rescreatu Crossover RP)

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((I do not own Sanctuary or Rescreatu))

A portal appears in the middle of an alleyway not far from the Old City Sanctuary.
Out of it come strange and amazing creatures along with a few people, all saying they are from different planets in the Rescreatu System
The sanctuary team is sent to investigate, only to find that the portal has closed and the people and creatures are stranded.
But some bounty hunters have already heard about the animals, and are on their way to capture them.

Most people will have no idea what sanctuary is so here is my explanation.
Sanctuary is at it's core a monster show, ie it's about a group of people who go out to protect the humans from creatures or that might otherwise be killed, sometimes that means killing the creature. These are called abnormals and abnormalities can range from everything from lighting or elemental powers to balls of fluff to energy creatures.

If you are on team Sanctuary you can play as a character from the show or an OC,
This is Pre-sleepers so if anyone wants to play Half-vampire Tesla they can.

Rescreatu for those who don't know is a website, where users wander around planets looking out for the eggs which can be hatched an raised. The 'verse of Res is four planets, Relcore, Refliem, Scria and Aquarti, each representing an element and each featuring a different species of animals called Creatu.


Usual site rules apply
Romance and Violence is allowed and encouraged to a PG -13 level
Don't ask to crush.
Powers up to 2
No full Vampires. There aren’t any in sanctuary aside from half vampire Tesla
Character limit: 5

Characters from the show that can be played
http://sanctuary.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Regular_characters (the rest can be found here)
Creatu list is here http://www.rescreatu.com/hatchery/creatulist.php




Bounty Hunters:

Bio form

Team: (which side are you on to start with, Sanctuary, Rescreatu, Bounty hunter)
Species: (Human, Creatu (if one what kind), Abnormal (again if one what kind))
From the Show or OC: (Team Sanctuary Only)

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