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Rules - Beginners must read Empty Rules - Beginners must read

Post  Raeda on Sun Nov 07, 2010 8:36 am

Just as a heads up guys, I can and most likely will add to this. I may or may not add an announcement about this depending on the severity of the rule.

  • We accept role-players of all ages here, and therefore all content must be PG-13 or below.

  • Any users who create explicit posts/role-plays or gory posts/role-plays will be will receive a warning. If the content is not edited within three days the post/role-play will be deleted.

  • Any rude remarks on religion, sexuality or nationalities will result in the user being banned immediately.

  • Any threads outside of the proper forum will be moved. A message to the user along with a small warning will be sent.

  • Depending on your role-playing skill, please post in the appropriate forum. If we see a beginner level role-play in the advanced category, we will move it and send the user a warning.

  • Any spam will be deleted immediately, and the user will receive a warning depending on the degree of spam he/she has posted.

  • Any sexual intercourse, or suggestion of it, will be deleted immediately and a ban or a warning to the user, depending on the degree of...yeah.

Abide by these rules and I'm sure you'll have a great time here at Y Teigr Gwyn Forums.

~Raeda; ruler and admin of Y Teigr Gwyn

Because we all know she's much more strict than Detderp. ;c And blunt. There is no need for the last rule, I have locked and disabled member, moderator, and guest posting.
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